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I'm Morgan and I'm a hungry, poor, lonely, artist in Richmond, Virginia. I love people- just kidding. Haha, good one, me *high-fives self*. Actually, just don't read my blog.

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I usually post about:

  • People from Virginia
  • Alright music
  • Occasionally soccer
  • Fashion (ie: hard ass shit art house shit boobies everywhere fashion)
  • Sushi
  • Gay stuff
  • Teen Wolf (see above)
  • Guys I want to bang
  • Doctor Who
  • Anthony Bourdain & Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Babes
  • Boys that look like babes
  • Drag Queens
  • ❤~☆★~❤Okay❤~★☆~❤

    14 February 11
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